Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Day of Days"

Today, June 6th 2013, I decide to create a blog that will chronicle my journeys into Family History Research and Discovery. Sixty Nine years ago today the Allied Forces (which included the United States) landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. It was truly a "Day of Days"! So I wondered, what was my Father doing at the time? I knew that he was a veteran of the United States Navy during World War II; but, like many of us, I failed to take advantage of the time he was alive to ask questions. Then I came across this photo; which depicts his recruit graduation for Navy Boot Camp.

This is Company 547, Regiment 2, Battalion 8, U.S. Naval Training Center, Farragut, Idaho L.B. Levey C.SP (he is the one center bottom row with the billed hat), CO (Company) CMDR (Commander) June 13, 1944. My Father: Donald Norman Hall is in the top row, 5 in from the right.

Donald Norman Hall age 17 from Junction City, Kansas

I would like others to look at the picture and identify any and all individuals in the picture and comment here.
Wouldn't it be great that all of the individuals be identified by this time next year, on the 70th anniversary of their graduation from the United States Navy Boot Camp at Farragut Island, Idaho. Let's not forget about the men of the "Greatest Generation" that fought and died for us.


  1. My grandfather is not pictured here however he graduated the day before in Company 539 Regiment 4 Battalion 13. H.W. Dickie was his C.SP. He ended up on the troop ship USS Colbert and USS Blue Ridge. He just turned 90!